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Healthy fitness Green Cocktail

Healthy fitness Green Cocktail In the season of apples — the most actual meal for me is a cocktail with dumpling and apples. A small bunch of greenery cut into large pieces so that the fibers are not wound around the blender, add 2 apples and water. I love the sweeter, so I put 2-3 […]

Fitness Drink health — ginger lemonade!

#Fitness Drink health — ginger lemonade! We need: — two large lemons — a piece of ginger root (about 10-15 cm) — a glass of sugar — two liters of chilled drinking water.

Fat-burning kefir cocktail with ginger

#Fat-burning kefir cocktail with ginger It speeds up the metabolism and removes excess foods from the body. Regular use for a month helps to get rid of excess weight. Ingredients Kefir (fat content 0,1-2,5%) — 1 glass Cinnamon — 1 tsp. Ginger — 1 tsp. Red pepper — pinch

Slimming drinks

#Slimming drinks Delayed water in adipose tissue often leads to cellulite, excess weight and swelling. In this case, metabolic processes slow down, and the effectiveness of diets decreases dramatically. In this situation, drainage of adipose tissue will help. this is the removal of excess fluid from the body, resulting in fat burning will be more […]

Top 5 best recipes for fat-burning cocktails

#Top 5 best recipes for fat-burning cocktails Recipe # 1 Kiwi — 1 piece Show more … Lemon — 2 slices Mint — 7 branches Parsley — 7 branches Water — 100 milliliters Honey — to taste and desire

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