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Chicken skewers on skewers in the oven

#Chicken skewers on skewers in the oven per 100 grams of 133 calories Ingredients — 400 g chicken fillet — 145 gr champignons (preferably small) — 120 g (1 piece) Bulgarian pepper — 30 ml soy sauce — 5 gr of mustard — 5 gr of garlic

Salmon in creamy garlic sauce

#Salmon in creamy garlic sauce Ingredients: Salmon — 500 g Lemon juice — to taste Salt — to taste Pepper — to taste For sauce: Cream 10% — 300 ml Curry — 0.25 tsp. Salt — to taste Pepper black or red ground — to taste Garlic-3 denticles Greenery — to taste cheese is hard […]

Chicken in pita bread

#Chicken in pita bread To all fas of fast food, looking sadly at stalls with shawarma, it is not necessary to put a cross on their gastronomic predilections! After all, you can always prepare a useful alternative and enjoy the taste without fear for your waist!

Diet Chicken fillet in tender yoghurt-cucumber sauce

#Diet Chicken fillet in tender yoghurt-cucumber sauce on 100grams — 79.85 kcal Ingredients — chicken fillet — 540 g -yogurt — 170 g -Cucumber sliced ​​- 100 g -small chopped green onions -100 g -cut fresh mint-2 tsp. -salt, ground black pepper- to taste

Diet dinner: baked mackerel

#Diet dinner: baked mackerel Ingredients • Freshly frozen mackerel — 3 pcs. • Mustard — 3 tsp. • Yoghurt 0% — 3 tsp. • Solo to taste

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