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Sweet rolls of pancakes

Sweet rolls of pancakes They are based on thin pancakes. They perfectly harmonize with fruits and cottage cheese. Moreover, it is very easy and quickly prepared. In this recipe, pancakes will be two-color. This is an excellent option for a children’s holiday or just a day off for a cup of tea. Do not drag […]

Cake ‘Funny snails’

Cake ‘Funny snails’ INGREDIENTS Flour — 60 g Yolk egg — 4 pieces Egg white — 4 pcs. Salt (pinch) Water (steep boiling water, 4 tablespoons or) — 20 ml Sugar — 40 g Puree (apple without sugar) — 250 g Fruit syrup (crimson, 50 + 100) — 150 g Yogurt (thick Greek or low-fat […]

Cake, Lemon tenderness with grape surprise

Cake, Lemon tenderness with grape surprise INGREDIENTS Dough Flour 1,5st. Butter-200g Sugar-1,5st. Eggs-4pcs. Soda-1ch.l. Cocoa-3ch.l. Cream Butter-300g Sugar-1,5st. Milk-2st. Semolina-3 tbsp. Lemon-2 pieces. Grapes-1 bunch (grape must be taken without seeds)

CAKE with strawberry mousse

CAKE with strawberry mousse INGREDIENTS Ingredients Biscuit: -Eggs of room temperature — 6 pieces -Muka-130 g -Cracked potato-15 g -Sugar-160 g -Cream butter — 50 g -Chocolate white — 50 g — Disintegrator — 1 tsp. Strawberry mousse: -Clubber — 450 g (I have a frozen one) — Cream — 250 ml (33%) -Jelatin — […]

Strawberry-coconut macaroons

Strawberry-coconut macaroons Internationals: 🔹For macaroons: — 100 g of almond flour — 60 g of coconut flour (ground coconut chips) — 125 g of egg whites (aged and room temperature) * — 225 g of powdered sugar — 50 g of sugar — 1/2 h of red liquid dye (or dry at the tip of […]

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