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Cranberry cake

Cranberry cake Ingredients for 3 forms of 20 cm candied cranberries: 2 cups fresh cranberries 300 g of sugar 1 glass of water

Puff pastry with cream

Puff pastry with cream Ingredients: — 1 pack. puff pastry — 100 g of powdered sugar — 2 egg whites — 1 pinch of citric acid

Banana tiramisu

Banana tiramisu Ingredients: 3 eggs 75 milliliters of white wine 25 grams of powdered sugar 250 g of mascarpone 20 pieces of amaretti biscuits 3 tablespoons black coffee 2 bananas 50 grams of grated chocolate cocoa

Orange-nut cake

Orange-nut cake On 2 biscuits (you can bake 4 biscuits, doubling the number of ingredients): 1.5 tbsp. flour 3/4 tbsp. any juice (here — orange) 2 tablespoons olive oil 3/4 tbsp. Sahara 2 tsp. vanilla sugar 1/3 tsp. soda

Cookies «Apple shoes»

Cookies «Apple shoes» I want to share a wonderful cookie recipe with apples. The cookie turns mega-beautiful and even more insanely delicate and tasty. The combination of a crunchy dough and a delicate filling of apples with cinnamon will please and surprise your household. Prepare cookies is simple enough. we will need: For the test: […]

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