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Austrian chocolate balls

Austrian chocolate balls «Delicate balls of dark chocolate with a light almond flavor, covered with chocolate glaze»

Milk cake with caramel and chocolate

Milk cake with caramel and chocolate Ingredients: The basis: 200 grams of cookie crumbs 100 g unsalted butter 4 tablespoons nutella

Cake «Bermuda Triangle»

Cake «Bermuda Triangle» Ingredients: Wheat flour — 3.5 stack. Margarine — 250 g Sugar — 500 g Baking Powder — 1 tsp. Yolk egg — 2 pieces Mayonnaise — 2 tbsp. l. Salt — 1 whisper. Jam — 0.5 liter Pumpkin — 400 g Orange peel — 1 tsp. Egg white — 4 pcs. citric […]

Cake «Milk girl»

Cake «Milk girl» Its main highlight is a deliciously delicious and delicate dough, which is prepared on the basis of condensed milk. Spoil your loved ones with this unusual dessert. It is not difficult to prepare it.

Cake «Elephant’s Tear»

Cake «Elephant’s Tear» Cake «Elephant’s Tear» is a combination of the most delicate honey biscuit with pleasant sour cream sour cream and aromatic banana.

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