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Venezuelan walnut cake

Venezuelan walnut cake Ingredients sugar — 200 g cream with fat content of 22% — 140 ml flour pancake — 125 g egg — 5 pcs. walnuts crushed — 125 g bitter chocolate — 100 g condensed milk — 300 g olive oil — 1 tbsp. l. milk — 125 ml

Chocolate leaf cake with zucchini

Chocolate leaf cake with zucchini I propose to make a chocolate leaf cake with zucchini. Very delicious and delicate chocolate dessert from the most affordable products. Help yourself!

Ice cream cake «Bomb»

Ice cream cake «Bomb» The bomb is an unsurpassed summer dessert, originally from France, made up of ice cream. The name of the dish is due to a shape that resembles a cannonball. Dessert has long been known and already in 1882 appeared in the restaurant menu. bombs look very beautiful in the cut, thanks […]

Espresso cake

Espresso cake Viennese chocolate biscuit: 2 eggs (divided into squirrels and yolks) 80 g of sugar 8 grams of vanilla sugar 40 g flour

Wet chocolate cake with vanilla cream

Wet chocolate cake with vanilla cream Ingredients for the recipe:cake 3 tbsp. brown sugar 3/4 tbsp. Canola oils 3 eggs 2 and 2/3 tbsp. flour of the highest grade 2 and 1/4 tsp. baking powder 2 and 1/4 tsp. drinking soda 1.5 tsp. table salt 1 tbsp. l. vanilla extract 1.5 tbsp. milk 1,5 st. […]

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