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Cake «Charlotte» with mango

Cake «Charlotte» with mango The taste is even more delicious than the look!

Brownie with cottage cheese and cherries

Brownie with cottage cheese and cherries. Ingredients: — Chocolate bitter — 100 g. -Cream butter — 120 g. -Sahar-150 g. -Eggs — 4 pcs. — Wheat Flour — 150 g. — Disintegrator (without roller coaster) — 1 tsp. -Cottage cheese (soft) — 300 g. — Vanilla sugar — 1 packet. -Vishnya frozen (pitted) — 400 […]

French cookies «Petits fours»

French cookies «Petits fours» For a biscuit test: 6 proteins 70 g of sugar 60 g of starch 5 yolks 60 g flour grated zest 1/2 lemon salt on the tip of the knife

Cake «May tenderness»

Cake «May tenderness» Keep yourself, so as not to lose the recipe

Roll «Strawberries with cream»

Roll «Strawberries with cream» This exquisite summer dessert is very easy to prepare.

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