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Tasty Cake «Snickers»

#Tasty Cake «Snickers» Ingredients For the cake Flour — 350 400 g Eggs — 2 pcs. Sugar — 1 tbsp. Milk — 0.5 tbsp. Vegetable oil — 0.5 tbsp. Vanilla sugar — 1 p. Cocoa — 2 tbsp. l. Baking Powder — 1 tsp. For meringues Egg whites — 4 pcs. Sugar — 1 tbsp. […]

Unusual original excellent cake

#Unusual original excellent cake  

Tasty Candy curd

#Tasty Candy curd Ingredients: Cottage cheese (9%) — 300 gr Nuts — 50g Cookies 150 g Sugar, vanilla sugar to taste, you can add cocoa Chocolate, cocoa, cinnamon, poppy for obvalivaniya

Coconut cake with a banana «Paradise pleasure

#Coconut cake with a banana «Paradise pleasure» For this cake with coconut chips, you need a simple biscuit, bake it according to the previous recipe or any other. Ingredients • 1 biscuit; • 3 bananas; • 260 ml of creamy cream;


#CAKE «NUT» (CHEESE-TROPICAL CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE AND PRALINA) Ginger Pretender: 60 gr. bitter chocolate (55%) 27 gr. cream (35% fat). 4 g. ground spices 25 gr. bitter chocolate

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