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BUNCHES WITH SHREYZEL ** Once you just try to cook these amazing buns and they will surely become regular guests on your table! We prepare yeast dough according to your favorite recipe.   We form buns from it and stack them (you can at a distance, and can be close to each other) in a […]

Delicate lemon-blueberry cake

Delicate lemon-blueberry cake In this recipe we will tell you how to make a tender cake, refreshed with juice and lemon peel, blueberries and sweet lemon glaze from cream cheese.

Chocolate cakes-rolls

Chocolate cakes-rolls Ingredients: Dough: Eggs of chicken — 3 pcs. Flour — 2 tbsp. l.


THE PERFECT TASTE TEST Profiteroles, eclairs, shu — it’s all it. Air and weightless, crunchy or slightly soft, with a variety of creams, fruits and berries or savory filling as a snack version — in any form, this thing is absolutely wonderful. How to properly make it, how to plant, how to bake, how many […]

Chocolate roll «Black Forest».

Chocolate roll «Black Forest». Biscuit: 4 eggs 125 grams of sugar 60 gr of flour 65 g cocoa powder 30 gr of butter Cream: 300 ml of creamy cream 100 gr of fresh or frozen cherry Syringe for impregnation: 50 ml of water

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