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Lazy Cake. My favorite cake for tea

Lazy 🍰Cake. My favorite cake for tea Oil 140 gr, Sugar 140 gr, Chocolate 200 gr, Flour 120 gr, Eggs 6 pcs,

Chocolate biscuit cake with caramel cream

«Chocolate biscuit cake with caramel cream» Ingredients: 140 grams of sugar 8 yolks 1/4 cup of ground rye breadcrumbs 30 grams of flour 70 grams of grated chocolate 4 protein


RULET «UNIFICATION» FOR 5 MINUTES Ingredients: -1 can of condensed milk -1 egg -1 a glass of flour -0.5 teaspoons of soda

CAKE «LOVE TENT». Pretty simple and very tasty.

CAKE «LOVE TENT «. Pretty simple and very tasty. Another recipe for those who love home sweets, but can not stand the fuss with the dough and standing at the stove. This is a cake without baking — many of them have been familiar since childhood. Pretty simple and very tasty.

It’s just an indescribably delicious cake!

It’s just an indescribably delicious cake! I advise everyone Ingredients: gingerbreads — 600 grams sour cream — 600 grams (20-30%) powdered sugar — 100 grams bananas — 2 pieces walnuts coconut chips chocolate

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