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Cake «Black Forest Cherry Cake»

Cake «Black Forest Cherry Cake»  — perfectly complement any festive table!

Strawberry-coconut cake

Strawberry-coconut cake Dough: 2 eggs 60 gr. flour 20 gr. starch 80 gr. powdered sugar 1 packet of vanilla sugar 40 gr. coconut chips 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Intoxicating apple cake

Intoxicating apple cake For this cake we will need the following products:

Cake «Summer»

Cake «Summer» Ingredients wheat flour — 2 cups eggs — four pieces. sugar — 1/2 cup cottage cheese is low-fat — 130 grams margarine — 50 grams carrots cooked — 250 grams icing sugar — 1/2 cup mint syrup — 1/2 tsp. chocolate white — 50 grams breadcrumbs — two tablespoons baking powder for baking […]

Cake «Angel in the flesh»

Cake «Angel in the flesh» For biscuit: Vanillin 1/3 teaspoons baking powder for dough Four tablespoons of flour Four eggs Half a glass of walnuts Half a tile of dark chocolate Six tablespoons of sugar

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