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Fitness Oatmeal cooked for the night

#Fitness Oatmeal cooked for the night Ingredients: • 60 g oatmeal • 130 ml of milk • 50 grams of yogurt • 1 tbsp. honey • 20 gr nutlet

Cake «Wenceslas»

#Cake «Wenceslas» Ingredients: Eggs — 4 pieces (per biscuit) Flour — 85 Grams (per sponge cake) Starch — 15 Grams (for biscuit) Cocoa — 15 Grams (for biscuit) Sugar — 125 Grams (per biscuit) Milk — 130 Grams (per cream) Sugar — 130 Grams (per cream)

Low-calorie squash pizza with mushrooms

#Low-calorie squash pizza with mushrooms for 100grams — 90.37 kcal Ingredients Squash — 600 g Egg — 2 pieces Whole-grain flour — 1 tbsp Soda — 1/2 tsp Salt, pepper — to taste For filling: Tomatoes — 3 pieces Mushrooms boiled 100 g (we have champignons)

Chicken in pita bread

#Chicken in pita bread To all fas of fast food, looking sadly at stalls with shawarma, it is not necessary to put a cross on their gastronomic predilections! After all, you can always prepare a useful alternative and enjoy the taste without fear for your waist!

Diet Chicken fillet in tender yoghurt-cucumber sauce

#Diet Chicken fillet in tender yoghurt-cucumber sauce on 100grams — 79.85 kcal Ingredients — chicken fillet — 540 g -yogurt — 170 g -Cucumber sliced ​​- 100 g -small chopped green onions -100 g -cut fresh mint-2 tsp. -salt, ground black pepper- to taste

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