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Cake «Black Forest Cherry Cake»

Cake «Black Forest Cherry Cake»  — perfectly complement any festive table!

4 rules of supper for weight loss

4 rules of supper for weight loss Add yourself 1. Diet dinner should be cold. Here the main thing is not how it is, but what. Give preference to light salads, stewed vegetables, boiled fish or chicken breast, steamed. 2. Refuse in the evening from the fruit. There are fruits best in the morning and […]

Creamy soup with rice and mushrooms

Creamy soup with rice and mushrooms Ingredients: 4 Cover the chicken (or other meat chicken); 2 tbsp. spoons of olive (sunflower) oil; 400 g white mushrooms; 1 medium carrot; 1 medium onion; 1 tbsp. Spoon flour; salt, ground black pepper — to taste; 2.5 liters of water; 1 multidishes round rice (I — «Krasnodar»); 2/3 […]

Strawberry-coconut cake

Strawberry-coconut cake Dough: 2 eggs 60 gr. flour 20 gr. starch 80 gr. powdered sugar 1 packet of vanilla sugar 40 gr. coconut chips 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Intoxicating apple cake

Intoxicating apple cake For this cake we will need the following products:

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