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Travel. You must come here! Beautiful places

Travel . You must come here! Beautiful places. Santorini, greece Sep-Marie, Madagascar

Travel. Valley of Flowers in the Himalayas

Valley of Flowers in the Himalayas The Valley of Flowers is an absolutely natural phenomenon. Indian Park is at an altitude of 3250 to 6750 meters and is part of the world biosphere reserve.

Travel. Garibaldi Castle

Garibaldi Castle is the first and so far the only castle in the whole of Russia in the Gothic style. In addition, the main attraction of the Samara region. It is located in Khryashchevka, where soon thanks to this structure they want to create a real tourist paradise.

Travel. Beautiful New York City

Travel. Beautiful New York City

Travel. Attractions in Amsterdam

Travel. Attractions in Amsterdam A two-hour train ride north of Brussels will take you to Amsterdam. The Dutch capital is a spectacular city with incredible scenic beauty. Called the Venice of the North, Amsterdam has many canals that stretch along the city and far beyond. If you came here just for one day, then better […]

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