CAKE «LOVE TENT». Pretty simple and very tasty.

CAKE «LOVE TENT «. Pretty simple and very tasty.

Another recipe for those who love home sweets, but can not stand the fuss with the dough and standing at the stove. This is a cake without baking — many of them have been familiar since childhood. Pretty simple and very tasty.


cookies — 15 pcs.

Butter — 200 g

sugar — 1 glass

cottage cheese — 200 g

cocoa — 2 tablespoons

milk — 1/2 tbsp.

canned peaches

Cooking method:

Cottage cheese beat up with 100 grams of butter and a half cup of sugar.

The remaining oil is ground with cocoa and the other half of a glass of sugar until the latter is dissolved (here, perhaps, it is even better to use powdered sugar — less fuss).

On the foil or food film lay out cookies.

and somehow mark on the substrate the perimeter of this rectangle. We remove the cookies and spread the icing on an even surface.

Cook the dessert in milk and spread on the glaze.

We spread an even layer of curd cream.

Exactly in the middle we put slices of peaches.

Alternately, raise the edges of the foil and wrap our construction with a house.

We put the cake for 2-3 hours in the cold, then remove the foil (from the oil glaze it separates very well) and cut the cake into slices. That’s the kind of love in the hut.

Bon Appetit!

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