300 g of flour

4 pcs egg

40 g of cocoa

250 g sugar

1 tsp baking powder

200 ml of milk

200 ml vegetable oil

600 g sour cream 15%

20 g of gelatin

100 ml water

170 grams of sugar (cream)

10 g vanilla sugar

50 g chocolate

30 g butter

3 pcs banana


Homemade, delicious and easy — Pancho cake, for any holiday! Wet biscuit, which is always successful (does not require impregnation) and sour cream low-fat cream. The cake is collected by a slide, bananas (pineapples) are added and promazyvaetsya cream, and on top chocolate glaze. It turns out just delicious!


We beat eggs with sugar to white, pour in milk and vegetable oil, mix them with a whisk.

Add 260 grams of flour with a baking powder, mix quickly.

Divide the dough into 2 parts, add 40 g of flour to one, and the other in cocoa.

In the shape of 26 cm in diameter, lay out the dough — half chocolate, half white (you can make one color).

The oven at 180 degrees — 50 minutes. Let the biscuit cool down well on the grate.

Mix sour cream with sugar and vanilla sugar, add loose gelatin (do not bring to a boil).

Divide the biscuit into 2 pieces, the bottom-bottom — 5 mm, Cut the desired diameter (24 cm, so that the cake was taller), and the remaining biscuit cut into cubes.

We collect the cake: pour the cream on the base, put the pieces of the banana, then the pieces of biscuit, again the cream, bananas, biscuit. We collect a cake a hill. We seal it, fill it with cream and let it brew. Pour glaze (chocolate melt with butter).

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