Cake «Orbita»

Cake «Orbita»

It will take:

Poppy cake:
eggs — 6 pcs.
sugar — 6 tablespoons.
flour — 6 tablespoons.
poppy — 80 g

White cake:

eggs — 2 pcs.
sugar — 2 tbsp.
flour — 2 tbsp.

Strawberry jelly:

strawberry — 500 g (can be frozen)
gelatin — 1 plate or 15 g of instantly soluble
water 6 tbsp.
sugar — 4 tbsp.


eggs — 2 pcs.
sugar — 150 g
starch — 5 tablespoons
milk — 350 ml
discharge. oil — 300 g (room temperature)
vanilla sugar — 1 sachet


First, firstly soak gelatin in water (as long as you want water, if only it was covered).
if you have some other gelatin, then follow the instructions on the packaging.

Poppy cake:

Under the recipe, you had to bake 2 cakes. I baked one and cut it in half

Separate yolks and proteins

Proteins beat up to steady peaks, gradually pouring sugar. whisk until all the sugar is dissolved

Then add the yolks and at the lowest speed of the mixer, lightly mix until smooth. You can enter the yolks one at a time, mixing the whisk in a hand

I blended the mixer lightly. It turned out this way:

Now we sift the flour directly into a bowl and mix it with a spoon until it is uniform

Then pour out the poppy (if you have a large poppy, chop it in a blender)

Stirring. Poppy dough is ready!

The form (dia 24 cm) is lined with baking paper and poured into the dough.

put in a preheated to 180 C oven. Bake until ready. Do not dry the cake. Check with a toothpick

I got a soft skin! Slightly cool it

And cut into two parts

White cake:

White cake is prepared exactly like poppy, only without poppy.
turns thin, as for a roll

Strawberry jelly:

Strawberries are washed
Pure in the blender. Add sugar, mix
Gelatine by this time should become soft. Drain off the water. Put the gelatin in a small saucepan. Add 6 tablespoons. water. heat on fire until gelatin is completely dissolved (stirring). Do not boil! Pour the gelatin into the strawberry puree, mix well.

Pour into two forms lined with a sachet and put in the freezer for a few minutes or in the refrigerator until it freezes.
since I took gelatin on prescription (15 g) — it was not enough! And I have a strawberry layer! In the second strawberry layer, I also had to add gelatin, and it kept well … Therefore, in general, I obtained 1 gelatin plate per 500 g of strawberry. How much is the gram — I do not know. maybe thirty ????

If you do not have as many forms, then make two sets.


Yolks, sugar and starch mix well until smooth. (there is no starch in the photo)

Add milk (I had milk from the refrigerator) and vanilla sugar. once again, well-well mixed with a whisk and put on the fire.

Cook on medium heat until thick.
Attention! It thickens sharply. First liquid liquid, and then again … and thicken sharply begins. Immediately remove from the fire, put on the table and stir, prevent the corolla. and it will all thicken, thicken, until it becomes the same as in this photo:

If it still remained liquid, warm it up a bit more …
Finished the cream, put it in a bowl, so that it cools down faster.

Place the butter in a bowl

And whip well at the highest speed of the mixer

Semi-cooled (slightly warm) cream, place in a bowl and whisk with a mixer. This is to ensure that it is well connected to the oil. Because the cream turns out dense and if it or him to enter in such status he badly will be connected with butter or oil, will be slices …

then add 1-2 tablespoons. into butter and whisk until two masses are joined …

Ready cream looks like this. If it turned out to be too thin (due to a too warm cream), after full cooling it will become thicker.
The cream turns out thick and delicious!


poppy corn — cream — jelly — cream — white cake — cream — jelly — cream — poppy corn

Cream distribute so that enough to cover 4 times the cakes and more on the top and sides of the cake (enough cream, enough for everything)

Cover the bottom cake with 1/5 of the cream

Top the strawberry jelly with the film. then carefully remove the film

Because on the gel the cream is not applied comfortably, we will spread the cream on another cake and lay out the jelly on top …
Well, it’s clear, right? So we collect all the cake (the order I wrote above)

We cover it with cream on all sides. We decorate to your liking.
I sprinkled a side of coconut flakes, and the top was decorated with a crimson topping.
Give him a night to soak.

And in the morning you will already enjoy the softest, most naive cake!

Hello! I — blogger, love of God and people. Beautiful Pictures — it is certainly good and well, but we must remember that in front of us waiting for eternity and where we spend it, depends only on us!

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