Cake-mousse «Strawberry on cream» (without baking)

Cake-mousse «Strawberry on cream» (without baking)

The basis:

100 g savoyardi cookies
Creamy mousse:

500 ml cream for whipping 33-38%
250g of cream cheese
250 g milk
2 yolks (or 1 egg)
1 tbsp. l. flour
150 g of sugar
15 g of gelatin
100 ml of water


Strawberry confit:

500 g of fresh or frozen strawberries
50-100 g of sugar
10 g of gelatin
70 ml of water


If Savoyardi is not available to you, you can bake a thin sponge cake, here’s an excellent option for Kamelena: cake «Creamy cloud with strawberries.»
Cream cheese is a soft cream cheese (such as Almette, Buco, Philadelphia), not cottage cheese.
Berry confit can be made from black currant (only it needs to be wiped through a sieve), raspberries (also wipe to get rid of pits), cherries without pits. my choice fell on strawberries — as it does not need to be wiped, which greatly speeds up the cooking process, as well as for its flawless combination with cream 🙂
Pre-freeze the frozen berries.
for the decor, I first wanted to use coconut chips (because it is in the photo), but in the course of cooking decided to make on the cake rosettes of whipped cream, so elegant!
To assemble the cake you need a split shape with a diameter of 20-22-24 cm or a confectionery ring.

step 1

first thing you need to cook the custard. Egg or yolks pound with sugar in a bowl with a thick bottom (not enameled), add flour, mix. Pour a thin trickle of milk, stirring the mass until smooth. put on fire below average and cook until thick, with constant stirring. I usually bring the cream to the first large bubbles and set it aside from the plate. Ready cream to cool.

step 2

The bottom of the split form is overlapped with two sheets of baking paper (to easily remove the cake). I collected the cake in the ring, so I immediately installed it on the dish.
Put to the bottom of the Savoyardi. To close the whole surface of a couple of cookies I cut into small pieces.
If you cook with a biscuit — lay it on the bottom and soak it with a little sugar syrup. Cookies and do not permeate. they are a little wet from damp mousse.

step 3

Gelatine (high-speed) is poured into water, stirred, heated to dissolution. Cream cheese knead with a spatula. Adding a little custard, mix to a smooth homogeneous mass. Pour in warm gelatin and mix well. if gelatin is cooled, and cream cheese — only from the refrigerator, gelatin can go clots!

step 4

Then whip the cream to the peaks at a slow speed of the mixer (do not leave the mixer on the console unattended, since the cream can easily be recycled).
3-5 tbsp. l. Whipped cream should be put aside in a pastry bag for decor (if desired).

step 5

Add the cream to the cream cheese mass and gently mix them with the spatula.

step 6

Pour the creamy mousse on a layer of cookies or biscuit, smooth and put into the fridge so that the mass seizes. usually after half an hour the mousseous layer is already elastic.

step 7

Prepare the conf: blush the berries with a blender. If necessary, wipe through a sieve. Add 50 g of sugar, stir until dissolved and try for sweetness. I have a strawberry of sweet variety, enough 50 g of sugar. if the berries are sour, you may need 100 grams of sugar or more.
Gelatin is stirred in water and heated to dissolution. Hot pour into berry puree and mix quickly.

step 8

Strawberry confit pour into frozen creamy mousse. Put in the refrigerator for 2 or more hours.

step 9

ready cake is extracted from the mold or released from the ring, passing a knife along the edge or warming the edge with a hair dryer. Transfer to a dish, pull out in different directions a paper substrate (if you did).
Decorate with rosettes of deferred whipped cream. you can sprinkle with coconut shavings or decorate with white chocolate, mint.

step 10

Ready cake to keep in the refrigerator immediately before serving!

step 11

Cake-mousse «Strawberry on cream» can not help but like it! A little biscuit under the creamy mousse cap and a rich strawberry confit !!!

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