Cake-mousse «Strawberry — basil — mint — lemon»

Cake-mousse «Strawberry — basil — mint — lemon»

The most delicious for me in this cake is a strawberry cream mousse, it’s awesome! The combination of strawberries with basil (already found in one recipe of my magazine) is quite popular now in confectionery, but not everyone understands it, my mother was imbued, although at first it was surprised, and my sister and I liked it less.

Lemon biscuit:
1 egg
30 g of sugar
30 g of flour
8 g of starch (corn)
½ st. l. lemon juice
½ tsp. lemon peel
Strawberry confiture with basil:
50 g of strawberry puree (I cooked in the summer from fresh strawberries, now you can take frozen)
15 g of sugar
1.5 g of gelatin (leaf, pre-soak in cold water, and before use squeeze)
Several leaves of fresh green basil
Strawberry-lemon cream mousse:
75 g of strawberry puree
15 g of lemon juice
4 g of gelatin
25 g of sugar
75 g cream (33%)
Mint cream mousse:
6 sprigs of fresh mint
150 g milk
150 g cream (33%)
10 g mint syrup / liqueur
75 g of white chocolate
9 g of gelatin
Mirror glaze:
75 g of glucose
75 g of sugar
75 g of white chocolate
50 g condensed milk
37 g of water
6 g of gelatin
Food gel color (I have purple)

Let’s start with the biscuit. Egg beat with sugar. Add the remaining products, shovel. Put into a mold and bake for 10 minutes at 180 degrees.
Strawberry puree I did just punching fresh strawberry berries with a submerged blender. For confiture she pierced immediately with basil. heat this puree with the addition of sugar until it dissolves. Remove from heat and dissolve in the puree prepared gelatin.

Next, I took the ring 10 cm, cut out the cake from the baked biscuit. this ring was wrapped underneath by a food film, placed on a flat surface, which can be transferred to a freezer (took a flat plate, another cutting board is convenient to use). Korzh put it in a ring, poured over the confiture and sent it to the freezer.
and she began to prepare strawberry mousse. Strawberry puree with sugar and lemon juice was kept on the fire until the sugar dissolved. I removed it from the fire, dissolved the prepared sheet gelatin, allowed it to cool to room temperature, and paddled cream with a spatula.
I took out a biscuit with a jam from the freezer, I realized that all the mousse would not fit into the ring, I had to increase the height of the curb tape, and then pour the mousse. Return the plate to the freezer.

For the second mousse we need to flavor the milk. we proceed as follows: in the milk we lower the sprigs of mint, bring to a boil, let us brew for 10 minutes, squeeze the mint. We return to the fire (we make it weak), add white chocolate, melt. Fire switch off, we introduce prepared gelatin. We will pour the syrup. Cool it to room temperature and add whipped cream to the scoop.
The ring for the assembly (11 cm) from the bottom is covered with a film, I lay the border with acetate tape. I install on a flat surface (usually I take a small board). in the ring pour mint mousse, we immerse the frozen structure in it with rotating movements (the biscuit design should look upwards). Send to the freezer until thoroughly solidified.

For the glaze, sugar with water and glucose is brought to a temperature of 103 degrees. turn off the heat, add the prepared gelatin, dissolve, then add the chocolate with condensed milk and dye. Break the glaze with a submerged blender. Cover the cake with a glimpse when it cools down to 34 degrees.

I wanted to not just cover the cake with a luster, but make the effect «Leopard». To do this, you also need to prepare a neutral glaze (attack). 59 g of water with 57 g of sugar heated to 25 degrees (I originally had water of such a temperature, so I immediately went to the next step). Add 2 g of pectin (pre-mixed with 9 g of sugar), warm to 45 degrees. add 14 g of glucose, bring to a boil. Pour a pinch of citric acid, boil for 3-5 minutes. Further, the resulting glaze is weighed, diluted with water (it is 3 times less than the glaze weight). Tinted with titanium dioxide. The operating temperature is 70 degrees.
Confectionery knife-spatula hold in hot water. To pull out, dry it, put on it, face it, hold it over a cake covered with a glance.
At me the leopard drawing has not turned out, t. To. The mirror glaze has already seized and has not allowed to make in itself impregnations. it seems to me, it is necessary to apply the glare of temperature a little higher than the working temperature, I will still experiment with this. In the meantime, just chaotic divorces have turned out.
I decorated the border with a chocolate confectioner’s confectionery .

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