Cake «Cherry in chocolate»

Cake «Cherry in chocolate»

You will need:
Coffee-chocolate biscuit
100 g of cocoa (the darker, the better)
200 g of flour
250 g of sugar
1.5 tsp soda

1 tsp baking powder (I took without a roller coaster)
a pinch of salt
2 eggs (I use select ones)
100 ml. hot strong coffee (can be soluble)
180 ml. kefir
75 ml of rats. oils (odorless, of course)
0.5 vanilla pod (I have a vanilla extract)
350 grams of frozen cherry
50 g of cherry puree
300 g of cream at least 33%
20 g of gelatin
50 g of cream cheese
250 g of sugar
Coffee-chocolate biscuit:
Step 1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C.
Step 2. We connect and sift all the dry ingredients: cocoa, flour, baking powder. Add sugar.
Step 3. Separately mix kefir with soda, let it stand. the mass should increase in size, so it is worth taking a container with a stock. Then add eggs, coffee, butter and vanilla. Mix well.
Step 4. Now it is necessary to mix dry ingredients with liquid, pour into shapes with a diameter of 16-18 cm and put in the oven until cooked. Cakes wrap in film and put away in the refrigerator for the night. For this cake cakes must be thinly sliced.
Step 1. Soak gelatin in ice water.
Step 2. Remove the cherry and blender with a blender so that the pieces remain. Such inclusions in mousse will make the texture more interesting.
Step 3add to the chopped cherry cherry puree and sugar. The berry mass should be placed in a saucepan and heated, but not brought to a boil. Remove from heat.
Step 4. In a hot (but not boiling) berry mass, enter the swollen gelatin and stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved.
Step 5.whip the cream and use a spatula to mix cream cheese in them.
Step 6. In the berry mass on the spoon begin to enter cheese-creamy mass until both masses are roughly equal in temperature, after which add the remaining cheese at once.
round the shape of the side of the acetate film.
At the bottom put the first cake, soak it with cherry liqueur or juice, freeze (so the mousse will soon grasp). Pour out a piece of mousse. then put the cake again, soak and pour out some of the mousse, and so on, depends on how many layers you want to make. The upper cake should not be impregnated.
If desired, you can cover the cake with a finishing cream (for example cream cheese)
The cake is black outside, you need to add a lot of black dye. To avoid this, you can cover the cake with white cream, and outside with a thin layer of black. Either cook a black chocolate cream, a dye for it is required much less.


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