** Once you just try to cook these amazing buns and they will surely become regular guests on your table!

We prepare yeast dough according to your favorite recipe.


We form buns from it and stack them (you can at a distance, and can be close to each other) in a prepared baking dish.


We give the buns to rise, grease them with eggs, sprinkle with a streak.

Bake buns in a preheated oven for 30 — 35 minutes at 180 «C (orientate on your oven).

Shtreyzel for sprinkling:

100 g of flour

100 butter

50 g of sugar

Chilled oil rubbed on a large grater and grind it with his hands with flour and sugar.

*** I prepared the yeast dough on kefir, formed from it 21 rolls (about 50 grams in weight) and densely laid the buns in a split shape with a diameter of 28 cm.

** I made the shreisel in a blender.

She placed a cold butter (cut into pieces), sugar, flour into the blender bowl (with a knife cap) and scrolled to a crumbly state.

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