Blueberry baskets

Blueberry baskets

Baskets are the same cakes from
childhood, well, absolutely everything, I’m sure, they tried it. And now
imagine that the sand base will be tender, crumbly with light
taste of lemon and vanilla, the filling will be warm, juicy, with berries
blueberries, and the cream cap, like a blue cloud, will disappear in the mouth, not
leaving a drop of feeling of heaviness.

The dessert is delicious,
low-fat, sweet and simple, so simple that I have no thoughts
was to cook it, if not for the perfect dough that was left for me
from the preparation of lemon tart and a handful of frozen blueberries.
You will not believe, but to cook these bright cakes, you do not need a drop of food coloring, that’s all perfectly fine!)

You will need:

flour — 150 g
Butter — 80 g
powdered sugar — 60 g
egg yolks — 2 pieces
1/2 peel of lemon
vanilla, salt

blueberry (can be used frozen) — 100 g
sugar — 100 g

The Italian meringue:
sugar — 180 g
egg whites — 3 pcs.
water 50 ml
a pinch of salt
Blueberry sauce for color

How to cook:

Whisk the yolks with sugar powder, vanilla and zest of lemon. In a separate
a bowl to grind an oil of room temperature with flour and salt, until
crumb formation.
Pour the yolks into a mixture of flour and butter, knead
dough. Roll it a little and wrap it in a food film, put it in
fridge for an hour.

2. When the dough is ready to work, its
roll out and cut out the desired number of blanks that
should be distributed according to the forms. Each mold must be pierced with a fork
and fill the form with a load so that the dough does not rise in the oven. I
used buckwheat.
Send the billets to bake at 180 C for
20-30 min. After the specified time, remove the blanks from the oven, take out
load and send baked already without the load for another 5 minutes.
Finished sandbasket to take out of shape and put aside, busy preparing the jam and cream.

3. For jam, you need to bring the blueberries with sugar to a boil and lightly heat them on low heat.

4. Fill each sand form with jam, which is enough for about 6-7 shapes with a diameter of 7 cm.

To prepare an Italian meringue, you need to mix sugar with water
and cook the syrup, heating all to 120 C. To merenga colored, I
heated syrup in the same bowl, where brewed blueberry jam, so
the syrup turned a purple hue.
In a separate clean bowl and
clean tips start whipping the proteins with a pinch of salt, then
gradually add sugar syrup to the proteins, without stopping to whip.
chemical laws, purple color will instantly turn into blue,
This is the color you will get meringue, which is necessary before whipping until
stable peak.

6. Now it is necessary to shift our blue
merengu in a confectioner’s bag and a dipping tip of a nozzle in a blueberry jam,
plant gradually the cream in the form of a cap on each basket,
filled with jam.
As a result, a beautiful transition of colors and
without a drop of dye. As a chemist, I will tell you that there is not one useful
Dye, other than those that can be obtained from edible fruits and
vegetables, so that they do not write on the packaging with these chemicals.

Like this
often happens, it seemed to me necessary to decorate the already variegated
products, so at first I filled them with pistachios, and then went to use
flowers from a window sill, mint and powdered sugar. Then I realized with vexation,
that I forgot to add to this bright ensemble berries of blueberries, which
specially postponed for the decor))

Bon Appetit!

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