Amazing Cave -Eyes of God.  Wonderful Travel, Beautiful places of the planet

#Amazing Cave -Eyes of God.  Wonderful Travel, Beautiful places of the planet

Cave Prohodna, located 112 km from the city of Sofia and 2 km from the village of Karlukovo, is one of the most famous caves in Bulgaria. Passage is very popular with tourists. In addition, several Bulgarian and foreign films were shot here. For example, the 1987 film ‘Time is divided’, ‘The Time of Violence’ or ‘The Hour of Anger’ in the Russian version.

The cave is open to tourists all year round, and you can visit it yourself, without a guide. However, one should not forget about your own safety, especially in the winter when huge icicles hang from the ceiling of the cave.

Cave Prohodna is a natural rock bridge, the length of which is 262 m. The entrance to the cave is two: large and small. The height of the arch of the great entrance is 45 m, this is the highest cave vault of Bulgaria. The height of the arch of the small entrance is 35 m. From the small entrance to the large one there is a path.

In addition to the huge entrances to the cave, natural lighting is provided by so-called ‘windows’ — through holes in the rock. There are two such windows in the cave, they are very symmetrical and their shape is surprisingly reminiscent of human eyes. Some locals call them ‘the eyes of God’, and some ‘Devils’. These unique ‘windows’ make an indelible impression on tourists. From a certain angle, one can distinguish between them a human face, closely watching the cave visitors, and in rainy weather ‘tears’ flow from the corners of the eyes.

Cave Prohodna is very popular among climbers and extremals. For the first in these places sport routes of various complexity are laid. The latter train in bungee jumps at the large entrance to the cave.

It is best to begin your journey to the cave Prohodna from the National Cave House named after. Peter Tranteev. It will be interesting to see the building of the Cave House itself. It is built in the crevice between the rocks, some of its walls are parts of natural rocks, and from a bird’s eye view the house resembles a silhouette of a bat.

From the cave house a beautiful view opens up to the cave of Prokhodna and the valley of the Iskar River. From here begins the path leading to the large entrance of the cave. And on the local hostel, by the way, you can spend the night, after warning about your visit.

In 1962 the cave of Prokhodna was recognized as a landmark of nature. At the moment the cave Prohodna and the Cave House are included in the list of one hundred national tourist sites in Bulgaria.

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