9 most delicious salads for every day.

9 most delicious salads for every day.

1. Salad tasty with croutons.
2. Salad with smoked cheese.
3. Crispy salad with pineapple and chicken.
4. Salad of Peking cabbage with chicken.
5. Italian salad with ham, cheese and vegetables.
6. Salad with eggs and ham.
7.salad with chicken, beans and cheese.
8. A quick salad with beans and crab sticks.
9. Salad with Korean carrots.

Fresh cucumber — 1 large,
Chicken breast boiled (or chicken ham) gram 250,
Cheese hard varieties of 70-100 grams,
Corn 1 pot,
garlic slightly,

✔2. Salad with smoked cheese
Carrots (raw) -1 pcs.
Cheese flask.-100 gr.
Smoked sausage-100 gr.
Garlic-3 cloves.
Mayonnaise-2 table.
Corn canned.-1 jar small.
Salt pepper.
1. Carrots and cheese grate + sausage (straws) + corn + garlic and mayonnaise.
2 .decorate with greens!

✔ 3. Crispy salad with pineapple and chicken
Composition of the product:
300 gr. chicken fillet
200 gr. canned pineapple
200 gr. hard cheese
100 gr. white bread or a loaf
Vegetable oil
Mayonnaise for refueling

chop the chicken into small pieces and fry it in vegetable oil until a ruddy crust. Cut the loaf into small cubes and also fry it until golden in a heated frying pan. Dice cut canned pineapple, on a fine grater three cheese.
in a large plate we mix fried fillets, cheese, pineapples and crispy breadcrumbs. We dress our salad with mayonnaise and serve it to the table. Bon Appetit! Excellent salad, which will undoubtedly decorate your festive table during the celebrations. Perfect for people who love different salads with croutons.

✔ 4. Pork cabbage soup with chicken
— 300 g of Chinese cabbage
— 1 chicken fillet
— 1 cucumber
— 4 eggs
— 1 bunch of green onions
— salt, pepper, mayonnaise

We set to boil the chicken fillet (for the aroma we add carrots, onions and bay leaf.) We then used soup for soup).
shinkuem Peking cabbage.
Finely chop the green onions.
Cucumber cut into strips.
After our chicken fillet was opened, cut into small cubes. And also boil the eggs and crumble them finely.
We put everything in a salad bowl, stir, salt and pepper.
We fill it with mayonnaise and serve it portion by piece.

✔ 5.Italian salad with ham, cheese and vegetables
— Ham — 300 g
— Tomatoes — 2 pieces
— Bulgarian pepper — 2 pieces
— Macaroni — 400 g
— Canned corn — 300 g
— Cheese — 200 g
— Mayonnaise — to taste

Cpcob preparation:
cook pasta — it’s best to use horns or spirals — in salted water, merge and let them cool.
Cut tomatoes and pepper into cubes, ham — thin slices. Cheese grate on a large grater.
Mix all the ingredients, season the salad with mayonnaise.

✔ 6.salad with egg and ham.
— 400-500 g of smoked ham
— 4 eggs
— 1 sweet pepper
— 1 cucumber
— 1 can (350 g) of canned corn
— a small bunch of fresh dill
— mayonnaise
— salt

1. prepare the ingredients: cook the hard-boiled eggs, wash the Bulgarian pepper, cucumber and dill in cold water, drain the corn.
2. Cut the eggs into a large bowl. Add the corn and mix.
3. Cut the ham into thin long pieces and add them to the bowl.
4. Cut the peppers into strips. clean the cucumber, cut it in half along and cut into thin pieces. Add everything to the bowl.
5. Cut the fresh fennel and add to the salad. Mix everything, salt to taste, then add the mayonnaise and mix again.

✔ 7. Salad with chicken, beans and cheese
simple salad of simple ingredients, but very, very delicious — completely unaffected, hearty and rather spicy

— Boiled chicken fillet — 300 g
— Beans (boiled or canned) — 200 g
— Cheese (hard) — 150 g
— Corn (canned) — 400 g
— Pickled cucumbers — 3-4 pcs.
— Black bread — 3 slices
— Garlic — 1 slice
— Salt, mayonnaise, a bunch of parsley

Garlic clean, grate or grind through a press. Slices of black bread rubbed with salt and garlic, cut into cubes and dried in a frying pan without oil. Chicken fillet cut into small pieces.
Pickled cucumbers cut into cubes. Pour out the liquid from the corn. Cut the cheese into thin strips or straws. Parsley to wash, dry, cut off long stems, parsley greens finely chopped. in a salad bowl mix chicken fillet, beans, cheese, corn, pickled cucumbers, parsley and garlic breadcrumbs from black bread, add mayonnaise, stir the salad again.

✔ 8. A quick salad with beans and crab sticks (105 kcal / 100 g)
red bean in own juice 200 gr
2-3 boiled eggs
crab sticks 200 gr
sour cream, salt, pepper, herbs.


With the beans drain the juice. Crab sticks, eggs and greens finely chopped.
Then mix everything, add salt, pepper to taste and season with sour cream. Salad ready!

✔ 9. Salad with Korean carrots
mushrooms champignons — 200 gr.
onion — 2 medium
eggs — 4 pieces
chicken falcé — 300 gr.
Korean carrot — 300 gr.
hard cheese — 100 gr.

Salad can be prepared for one large dish or 2 medium.
1 layer. mushrooms to wash, crumble, peel onion and chop finely and together with mushrooms to fry in a frying pan, in vegetable oil, put on a dish, salt and grease with mayonnaise.
2 layer. Eggs to open, finely crumble, salt and grease with mayonnaise.
3 layer. chicken fel beforehand boil and chop finely, salt grease with mayonnaise.
4 layer. lay out the Korean carrots, grease with mayonnaise
5 layer. grate cheese and sprinkle on medium grated .

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