8 SECRETS of Ideal Eclairs

8 SECRETS of Ideal Eclairs

Secret 1. Do not save time in the first stage




The first step in preparing a custard batter is to boil the butter with water or milk and salt. And already at this stage, many make a major mistake. Which one? They are in too much of a hurry. Boil the mixture until the oil ceases to float on the surface of the water. Otherwise, it interferes badly with the dough, and your cakes just will not rise.

Secret 2. Be sure to sift the flour

Otherwise the dough can turn out to be non-uniform, and ready eclairs — uneven.

The Secret 3.Flour should get into «brewing» all at once

This is one of the stages that require skill and experience. After all, if you try to knock a whole cup of flour into a saucepan, then chances are that half of it will fall on the stove. so that this does not happen, there is one simple trick: the flour is sifted onto a sheet of baking paper and, lifting the edges of the sheet, with a neat trickle for literally a couple of seconds, pour the flour into a saucepan with boiling water and butter. You can do this in four hands.

The Secret 4.The brewing dough should not only be kneaded properly, but also kneaded

Yes, yes, everyone knows that after getting the flour into a saucepan one must immediately grab a spoon and take a strong stirring of the mixture until it turns into a homogeneous ball of dough that will easily peel off the walls of the saucepan. but if you want to get not just eclairs, but excellent eclairs, be sure to knead the dough with the back of the spoon for two or three minutes.

Secret 5. The dough should cool down

another point that often leads to irreparable consequences — the test is not allowed to cool properly before adding eggs. As a result, the protein is partially folded, and eclairs are not obtained. So, ideally, the dough should cool down to 60 degrees. Of course, this does not mean that everyone who wants to feast on the profiteroles, you need to get a kitchen thermometer. Just touch the dough. Not hotter? So it’s time to add eggs.

Secret 6. When and how to enter eggs

Eggs should be added one at a time, otherwise they will not be able to mix them well with the test and the eclairs will not rise. We stir for a long time and calmly, until the dough becomes completely homogeneous. It should turn out to be oily, not very dense, but it is satisfactory to keep the shape. a jigging bag with attachments is not necessary at all. You can put the dough on a baking sheet covered with baking paper, an ordinary spoon, moistening it every time in the water.

Secret 7. Baking Mode

Ideal conditions for baking eclairs will also ensure that you get an excellent result. The first 10 minutes, bake the balls (strips) at 220 degrees. And then bake at 190 until a brown crust is formed, and, if possible, use the hot blasting mode — convection.

Secret 8. With water, eclairs are better kept in shape, and with milk they are soft and tender.

how does it happen that inside the future eclairs in the baking process a void is formed? So if you remember, we added a lot of water to the dough. Once in a hot oven, the water begins to evaporate intensively inside the balls from the custard. steam, as is known, requires a volume much larger than the liquid. It inflates the elastic walls of the eclair from a mixture of flour and eggs. Thanks to a long kneading, they become so dense that they do not let steam out. that’s the way inside the eclair, and this is the most amazing emptiness that can now be filled with anything — salads, pates and caviar for profiteroles, custard or cream cream — for eclairs .

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